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“he’s tech’s oprah”

Empathy is apparently all the rage these days…not sure if it’s nature or nurture, but surely blessed that I was raised right.

Some of My Favorite Interviews

Daymond John BW.jpg

Daymond John; Shark Tank


Daymond John, entrepreneur, investor, founder of FUBU, star of Shark Tank, author of the best-selling “The Power of Broke” and founder of Blueprint and Co. joins me for a fireside chat in front of a live audience recording of Fashion Is Your Business.

We covered his entrepreneurial journey and future goals including his new co-working space, the origins and possible resurrection of FUBU, parenting advice from Jaleel White, dyslexia and success, the importance of data and analytics to the future of business, and leaving a legacy.


James Rhee, Ashley Stewart

Fashion Is Your Business: June 28, 2016

This is an interview that I will never forget. James describes Ashley Stewart’s original focus on plus-size African American women as the most powerful single business brand focus ever and loved what it stood for. Rhee discusses the history of the company and its extraordinary turnaround, his background as a high school teacher, and how he became the man in charge of this company that was near collapse.

James is an extraordinary human being. A true exhibit of how important it is to be an empathetic leader.


Mazdack Rassi; Milk Studios


Mazdack Rassi, Co-Founder and Creative Director of MILK Studios joins us for our 100th recording of FIYB Podcast. We recorded this interview at a private dining room at Ben & Jack’s Steakhouse in NYC.

As someone who takes particular passion in building engaged communities, this interview was one of my all time favorites. Rassi is such an incredible community minded entrepreneur…I learned so much by picking his brain.


Tracy Sun & Manish Chandra, Poshmark

Fashion Is Your Business: July 11, 2017

This interview took place at ShopTalk 2017 at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas, and is the second time we had the pleasure of having Tracy featured on Fashion Is Your Business. Tracy & Manish don’t often appear on public stages or interview together, so this was quite special. They had just announced a significant financial raise before this chat, and it was a ton of fun to hypothesize what they would do with the extra dollars. Fast forward, I feel like I hit it on the nose. Poshmark continues to be an incredible story, and this was a fun and insightful interview with extremely capable founders.

Mindy Grossman BW.jpg

Mindy Grossman; Formerly of HSNi


At the time we recorded this interview at ShopTalk Vegas, Mindy was the President of HSNi. She’s an absolute rockstar with a priority on company culture and empowering her employees.

I remember being so moved by her graceful presence, humble position, and powerful authority. This balance is so rare and magnetic.

Mindy is currently the President & CEO of Weight Watchers. 

Lilliana Petrova, JetBlue

Travel Is Your Business: May 27, 2018

A true futurist. We talked through the process of designing for traveler’s experience today, and how Liliana envisions the future of travel. Will there even be a need for terminals anymore when driver less cars become prevalent? If not, then what do they turn into? A true come up story, Liliana blew me away with her vision. From her humble beginnings growing up in Bulgaria, to becoming one of the elite futurists.